The Conversation Mon 02. 20. 2017.

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Michael Novak: A Thinker Who Argued For The Morality Of Free Markets
The Wall Street Journal

Donald Trump Vs. The Deep State
Andrew Klavan, PJ Media

Here’s How Trump Can Fix The Broken International Trading System
George Gilder, The Federalist

What’s Behind The Border Tax Kabuki?
Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., Wall Street Journal

McCain Warns Suppressing Press ‘Is How Dictators Get Started’ [Watch]
Chuck Todd, Phil Helsel and Matt Rivera, NBC News

Break The Bureaucracy!
Adam White, City Journal

Please Stop Comparing Trump’s Presidency To Orwell’s ‘1984’
Kyle Smith, New York Post

Rand Paul: We’re “Very Lucky" Trump Is In Charge And Not McCain [Watch]
Alexander Bolton, The Hill

The 10 Biggest Leaks Of The Trump Presidency
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge

Americans Brimming With Optimism On The Economy [Watch]
Jonathan Easley, The Hill

Take Back Al Gore's Nobel And Give It To The Fracking Industry
Investor’s Business Daily

Democrats’ Real Global Warming Fraud Revealed
Dennis T. Avery, American Thinker

New York City Moms Kill Skating Party Because Trump Renovated The Rink
Matt Vespa, Townhall

Closing In On Clinton! Hillary’s Former Aide Faces Criminal Charges
Frank Lea, Right Wing News

Absurd State Licensing Rules Could Send A Woman To Jail Just For Touching A Horse
Eric Boehm, Reason

Too ‘Politically Incorrect’: Students Want To Ban Dalai Lama From Campus
Ryan Girdusky, Red Alert Politics

Charity Is Not How We Solve Poverty
Jason Sorens, Foundation for Economic Education

5 Middle Schoolers Threw A Wood Block At Trump's Motorcade. Now They're Learning A Hard Lesson [Watch]
Jenni Fink, Independent Journal Review

Voices From The 2017 International Students For Liberty Conference

FMC Barometers

Numbers as of last Friday close.

Why are these numbers important?

Shadow Stats Snapshot

ShadowStats alternate economic indicators are based on the methodology of noted economist John Williams, specialist in government economic reporting.

  • Unemployment:
    BLS: 4.7%
    Shadow Stats: 22.7%
  • Inflation:
    January Year-to-Year: 2.50% (CPI-U*)
    Shadow Stats: 10.3%

*[cpi-u is the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation rate for all urban consumers]


The Reality of Socialism

“Socialism has no theory of wealth creation; it's just a destructive, envy-driven fantasy about redistributing it after something else (and somebody else) creates it first.” 

-- Lawrence Reed,


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In Search Of History

Hillsdale College History Prof. Burton Folsom: What The Invention of the Airplane Teaches About Free Markets

The behind-the-scenes story of the airplane demonstrates how private enterprise is needed for innovation and economic growth— and that government subsidies usually fail.